2 Ways You Can Help


Put the word out through your online networks. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, here are some suggestions for speading the word online:

  • Download our logo and use it as your profile picture
  • Become a fan of our Facebook page and connect with our green community
  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet our news and updates. You can also use our event hashtag #OurGreenerSide when tweeting about us
  • Blog about our event and encourage your readers to come out and enjoy the day. We have created some handy web buttons and banners for you to download and use!
  • Send your friends an e-mail telling them about the event. This may be old school but it works!


Download and print one of our posters and put it up at your workplace, daycare or school.

Going to a family reunion? Tell your family about the event and encourage them to attend.

Seeing some friends for dinner? Why not make plans to check out the event together? We have put together a great programming line-up that is sure to have something for everyone