Going Green

Walking the Talk

As part of our commitment to sustainability and to demonstrate a path towards a sustainable future, Our Greener Side Celebration strives to lead by example by incorporating environmentally responsible decision-making into all aspects of our operation.

Many green solutions have been or will be implemented to help deliver an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral event. The success of these efforts will depend in part on your participation and cooperation.

Therefore, we have highlighted some simple actions you can take when coming to the event and while you are with us, and we invite you to do your part to ensure we are truly celebrating our greener side.

Read on to learn more about how, together, we can make a difference! Check back often as we add more ways to green the event.

Going carbon neutral

We are going carbon neutral and this is being achieved through the purchase of certified carbon offsets to counterbalance the carbon emissions produced from the event. And to take this one step further, we have estimated the collective distance that exhibitors, volunteers and attendees will incur travelling to and from the event and will purchase offsets to mitigate the impact of said travel.

What you can do: Carpool to the event with family and friends to reduce your carbon footprint!

Greening our energy

The Kortright Centre is bullfrogpowered with 100% green energy. We will also have solar trailers at the event to convert the sun’s energy into electricity to power the main stage, the exhibit tent and select activities.

What you can do: Spend some time in our Green Energy theme area or attend one of our two expert presentations on purchasing a solar energy system to learn how you can make green energy a part of your life.

Saying no to bottled water

No bottled water will be available or sold at Our Greener Side Celebration. The York Region water trailer, aptly named Tap’d In Mobile, will be on-site instead, keeping you refreshed and hydrated with local well water.

What you can do: Remember to bring your reusable water bottle to the event.

Putting waste in their proper place

There will be a comprehensive system for collecting and managing waste generated during the event, including receptacles for recycling and organics. Mobile “waste education teams” will be available to assist you with the process and to help prevent cross-contamination between the three waste streams.

What you can do: Please help us keep the Kortright grounds clean by disposing your waste properly. If you are not sure what goes where, there will be signage at the bins or ask one of our event volunteers to help you.

Wearing our beliefs on our backs

We have choosen to outfit our volunteer team with t-shirts made ethically in Honduras from 100% recycled materials — a blend of pre-consumer recycled cotton and post-consumer PET recycled polyester. In addition to being eco-friendly, these t-shirts are also climate-friendly. From their production to transportation, they have been certified CarbonFree  by Carbonfund

What you can do: Compliment a volunteer on their t-shirt! And if you have an article of clothing at home that is made from an eco-friendly material, why not wear it to the event and join us in wearing our beliefs on our backs!

Practicing the R’s

Signage requires resources and energy to make. When it comes to signage at the event, we have mastered the art of reducing and reusing.

  • Reduce.  Every sign you will see is there for a reason. We have made every effort to do away with unnecssary signage thereby reducing the number of new signs that needed to be printed.
  • Reuse.  In addition to reusing as many signs from the previous years as possible, we have also reused the backings of outdated signs to create new ones for this year. And building on last year’s innovation of making many of these new signs to work like dry erase boards to allow them to be reused year after year, we have started to print information specific to this year on removable vinyl stickers so they can be changed next year without affecting the signs themselves.

What you can do: Event brochures will be available at our information booths to help you find your way around the event and make the most out of your time with us. We have printed limited quantities and we ask that you only take one per family and to look after it so that guests arriving after you leave can reuse it.

Serving delicious local foods

Local chef Jason Inniss and his team will be creating handcrafted gourmet pizzas at the event using local and sustainable ingredients. Enjoy it with a serving of organic juice that will be part of your meal!

What you can do: Join us for lunch! By doing so, you will be supporting the hard work of local farmers and producers. And be sure to spend some time in our Local Foods and Agriculture theme area or attend Jason’s talk to learn how you can make local foods a part of your life.

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